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Improve product adoption and reduce churn by enriching ClientSuccess with rich, up-to-date customer data from your data warehouse


This integration allows you to sync Clients, Contacts and Subscriptions from your warehouse to ClientSuccess.


To enable syncing with ClientSuccess first you need a username and a password for a user to perform the API calls on your behalf.

Then copy these values, and create a new Destination in Hightouch, selecting Client Success as the destination type. Lastly, paste the values into the configuration form. Save the destination and it's ready to start syncing data.


When creating a sync, first you need to select the type of object you want your data to be transformed into. Following that, you could define the ID column and the rest of the mappings.

If you have custom-defined fields in your account, they will appear as mappings, with the appropriate data type.

Client Success sync configuration

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022

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