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Power e-commerce focused email marketing with your warehouse data in Klaviyo

Supported syncing

Sync TypeDescriptionSupported Sync ModesAPI reference
User ProfilesSync data from any source to your Klaviyo usersUpsertIdentify docs
EventsSync records as events to Klaviyo. This is often in the form of a track call.UpsertTrack docs
ListSubscribe and unsubscribe users from listsAdd, RemoveList docs
Subscription ListSubscribe or unsubscribe profiles to email marketing, SMS marketing, or bothAdd, RemoveSubscribe Profiles docs


To find your API keys, navigate to the API keys page and create a private API key.

Record matching

Records can be matched from your source to your Klaviyo workspace by either an email or phone number.

Field mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Klaviyo's default and custom fields.

Syncing events

Hightouch supports syncing events to Klaviyo and assigning them to a user.

To ensure syncs send each event, your event model must use a truly unique primary key. See the events syncs documentation for more information.

Track configuration

Hightouch allows you to choose the event name and event timestamp for a track event.

Note: Hightouch accepts a normal date time format for the timestamp, and automatically convert it to the format that Klaviyo requires.

Assigning events to profiles

Hightouch allows you to choose how you assign events to profiles. This is done by matching a column to a Klaviyo user identifier such as phone number or email.

Field mappings

Hightouch allows you to pass data to the event properties of a Klaviyo event.

Syncing lists

Hightouch supports syncing profiles to Klaviyo Lists.

Klaviyo lists

Hightouch supports automatically creating a new list for your sync. You can specify a custom name for this list, or Hightouch will use the name of the model.

Here, the model name List 1 will be used as the list name:

Sync modes

This integration supports Segment mode. New profiles will be inserted into the Klaviyo Lists. Profiles that are removed from the model will be removed from the list.

User identifiers

To identify which contacts to add or update in a list, select a model columns and the corresponding Klaviyo fields. You can match on either Email or Phone number.

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Last updated: Jan 4, 2023

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