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Amazon Ads

Ensure that you never serve another irrelevant advertisement with Amazon Ads


After selecting Amazon Ads from our Destinations catalog, you will be prompted to input an advertiser ID and to initiate an OAuth flow.

You will be able to select the profile associated with your ad account when you configure a sync.

Audience Segment

Hightouch supports automatically creating a new audience for your sync. You can specify a custom name for this audience, or Hightouch will use the name of the model.

Here, the model name Audience 1 will be used as the segment name:

Sync Mode

This integration supports Segment mode. New records will be inserted into the Amazon Ads audience segment. Users that are removed from the model will be removed from the segment.

Record Mappings

Amazon Ads allows mapping to various record types including a cookie Id sent from a data provider to Amazon by a cookie sync, a mobile advertising identifier (MAID), and an external id defined by data providers.

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