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The Trade Desk

Sync your impression data with The Trade Desk using data from your warehouse


Power your The Trade Desk platform with up to date data straight from your data warehouse. Use highly customizable postback URLs to handle data your way, and equip your team with all the necessary tools so they can deliver a top of the line advertising experience.

Supported syncing

Object TypeDescriptionSupported Sync Modes
EventsSync data from any source to The Trade Desk via a postback URLInsert

Getting started

Enter a root postback URL

The Trade Desk requires a root postback URL to fire events to. This can be entered when creating the destination within Hightouch.

Syncing data


Hightouch supports inserting impression data as events to The Trade Desk.

Field mapping

You can sync columns from your source to The Trade Desk Postback custom fields.

Mapping source columns to The Trade Desk custom fields in the Hightouch UI

Common errors

To date, our customers haven't experienced any errors while using this destination. If you run into any issues, . We're here to help.

Live debugger

Hightouch provides complete visibility into the API calls made during each of your sync runs. We recommend reading our article on debugging tips and tricks to learn more.

Sync alerts

Hightouch can alert you of sync issues via Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, or email. For details, please visit our article on alerting.

    Need help?

    Our team is relentlessly focused on your success. We're ready to jump on a call to help unblock you.

    • Connection issues with your data warehouse?
    • Confusing API responses from destination systems?
    • Unsupported destination objects or modes?
    • Help with complex SQL queries?

    Feature Requests?

    If you see something that's missing from our app, let us know and we'll work with you to build it!

    We want to hear your suggestions for new sources, destinations, and other features that would help you activate your data.

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