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Business tier pricing

Hightouch's Business tier pricing varies depending on your use case and required features. It typically includes:

  • A platform fee, which could include consumption-based pricing or the billable destinations to which you sync data.
  • Costs for feature add-ons, such as various Customer Studio features or the Personalization API.

This allows us to create a plan that fits your specific feature usage and consumption needs.

For the complete list of features included in Business tier packages, please visit our pricing page. Don't hesitate to to receive a quote or discuss whether the Business tier is a good fit for you.

SOC 2 report

If you are an existing Hightouch Business Tier customer, you can to obtain a copy of our full SOC 2 report. If you are not yet a Business Tier customer but are considering buying Business Tier, we can provide you the report under NDA.

Billable destinations

In sync-based pricing, all destinations are billable and syncs from each destination are counted equally.

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Last updated: Jun 2, 2023

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