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Private Service Connect

Private Service Connect is only available on Business tier plans.

Using Private Service Connect, you can securely connect your Google Cloud-deployed services to Hightouch.

Network traffic between Hightouch and your services connected by Private Service Connect stays on the Google Cloud network and doesn't travel over the public internet. That means that you can restrict public access to your services, and your data is never exposed to the public internet.

Cloud SQL

Hightouch supports Google Cloud Private Service Connect for Cloud SQL instances (MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server).


  • Hightouch supports GCP Private Service Connect on Business tier accounts.
  • Your Hightouch workspace must be in the GCP us-east4 Hightouch region.
  • Your Cloud SQL instance must be in the GCP us-east1, us-east4, or us-west2 regions. If you're interested in using a different region, please reach out to our customer success team.
  • Your Cloud SQL instance must have Private Service Connect enabled.

Getting started

You will need to enable Private Service Connect on your Cloud SQL instance. You can do this by following the documentation for MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server. You will also need to authorize the Hightouch Google Cloud Project to create a Private Service Connect endpoint to your Cloud SQL instance.

Please to our customer success team to get started with GCP Private Service Connect for Cloud SQL.

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Last updated: May 15, 2024

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