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Empower your marketing team by utilizing web events in Tiktok


After selecting Tiktok from our Destinations catalog, you will be prompted to initiate an OAuth flow.

Click the button to initiate the OAuth flow with Tiktok.

Sending events

Hightouch supports syncing "Web Events".

Pixel code

Hightouch requires you to use an existing Tiktok pixel.

To find the pixel code, navigate to the Tiktok Marketing Dashboard.

Go to the assets menu and click Event

Website Pixel

Once you are in the events manager, you can create a new pixel, or copy the ID of an existing pixel.

Field Mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Tiktok's event fields. Hightouch automatically detects the available fields from Tiktok.

PII Hashing

Tiktok requires identity information to be hashed using a SHA256 hash. Enable PII hashing if you wish for Hightouch to hash these values for you.

Disabling PII hashing will require you to hash the identity information yourself.

Creating custom audiences

Hightouch allows you to create custom audiences in TikTok using your models. Every time a sync runs, all data returned by your model will be uploaded as identifiers for the custom audience. Select an advertiser for the audience and the type of encryption for it.

TikTok only supports one type of identifier (IDFA, GAID, Email or Phone number) for an audience. Currently it isn't possible to combine multiple identifier types in the same audience.

The data is hashed in MD5 or SHA256 before we upload it to TikTok. You can also disable automatic hashing if you have the values already hashed in your warehouse.

Audiences with fewer than 1000 users are invalid and won't be available in TikTok. For more information, please check TikTok's documentation.

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