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For any Hightouch sync, there are two main ways that Hightouch automatically retries syncing individual records that aren't successfully received by a downstream destination:

  1. Within an Active Sync - while a sync is actively running, if Hightouch receives any row-level errors it will automatically retry (at an exponential backoff) until a certain threshold of failure has been met. If a record continues to fail, Hightouch will formally consider it as failed, which typically maxes out after a certain interval (specific to each destination). This is very similar to the process described by AWS in this documentation - Error retries and exponential backoff in AWS.
  2. On Subsequent Syncs - Hightouch will keep an index of all failed records and will automatically retry them on every subsequent sync.

Example scenario

For example, assume you try to sync 10,000 records to Salesforce in a single sync and 5 of the records are actually locked for some reason (by users within Salesforce) when the sync kicks off.

  • During that single sync run, let's imagine 2 of those 5 records become available for update. Our automatic retries would retry and successfully update these 2 by process number 1 above.
  • On the next subsequent run of the sync (at some custom interval in the future) we'd automatically try the remaining 3 records, described by process number 2 above.

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