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Hightouch supports two regions within Amazon Web Services: N. Virginia (us-east-1) and Ireland (eu-west-1). Region is defined at the workspace level, and can't be changed after a workspace has been created.

The workspace region defines where we host the Hightouch data plane, which is the component of our system that directly interacts with your sources and destinations. The data plane consists of networking infrastructure (such as SSH tunnels), temporary ephemeral storage, and compute resources. If you've selected a particular region, at no point will data exit that region for the duration of a Hightouch sync, or while using the Hightouch product, so long as your sources and destinations live within the same region.


When creating a new workspace, you will be prompted to select your desired region. Once a workspace has been created, the region can't be changed.

Data in transit

During your syncs, your customer data flows through Hightouch's data plane on its way to your destinations. The in-transit phase of a sync is completely scoped to your workspace region. However, Hightouch can't verify where your data may be stored once it reaches your destination, so you should verify that separately.

Data at rest

Hightouch doesn't store your data long-term. Instead, we only store what we need to perform change data capture (what we call planning), which tells us what data we need to send to your destinations. By default, Hightouch stores this data in an encrypted Amazon S3 bucket. This Hightouch bucket is scoped to your region, ensuring compliance with data residency regulations.

Hightouch customers on the Business Tier are able to set up an external storage bucket, granting more control over their data at-rest. If you use an external storage bucket, keep in mind that Hightouch does not validate that bucket is hosted in the same region as your Hightouch workspace.

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