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After selecting Beeswax from our destinations catalog, you will be required to enter your Beeswax Subdomain, Email, and Password from your Beeswax account. Your Beeswax Subdomain is the text before in the URL, Username and Password are the credentials you use to login to Beeswax.

Syncing segments

Hightouch supports automatically creating a new segment for your sync. You can optionally assign a custom name to your segment. If no name is provided, Hightouch will default to using your model name.

Here, the model name User Segment 1 will be used as the segment name:

Additionally, instead of creating a new segment, Hightouch can also sync users to existing segments that are already populated in your Beeswax account.

Sync modes

This integration supports Segment mode. New records will be inserted into a Beeswax segment. Records that are removed from the model will be removed from the segment.

Select Beeswax sync options

Hightouch allows you to choose which Beeswax account and data center you wish to sync data to. This can be selected on the sync configuration page.

Record mappings

Records can be matched from your source to your segment by Beeswax ID, Customer ID, IDFA, IDFA_MD5, IDFA_SHA1, AD_ID, AD_ID_MD5, AD_ID_SHA1, or IP_ADDRESS.

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022

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