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Amazon Athena

Create the Warehouse connection in Hightouch

You need to allowlist Hightouch's IP addresses to let our systems contact your warehouse. Reference our networking docs to determine which IPs you need to allowlist.

  1. In Hightouch, go to Sources or click

    Selecting Add Source

  2. Click "Create Source."

    Selecting Postgres Source

  3. Select Amazon Athena.

  4. Select a Region.

  5. Enter your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. The credentials must be for a user who has permission to access Athena and the Output Location in S3. See the Permissions section below for more details. After you enter a region and credentials, more options appear.

  6. Select an Athena Work Group that you have previously set up in AWS.

  7. If your Work Group doesn't have an Output Location configured, enter an Output Location for the query results. This is an S3 path.

  8. Select a Data Catalog.

  9. Select a Database.

  10. Click "Test" to test the connection. Hightouch is able to successfully connect, click the "Complete" button at the bottom of the page


The AWS user that you use to connect to Athena must have the following permissions.

Read and list permissions for Athena resources and execute permissions for Athena queries:

  • ListWorkGroups
  • ListDataCatalogs
  • ListDatabases
  • ListTableMetadata
  • StartQueryExecution
  • GetQueryExecution
  • GetQueryResults
  • GetQueryResultsStream

Read and write permissions for the output location in S3 to both write the results to S3 and read them back:

  • PutObject
  • ListBucket
  • ListBucketMultipartUploads
  • ListMultipartUploadParts
  • GetBucketLocation
  • GetObject
  • AbortMultipartUpload
  • PutObject

See the AWS managed policy AmazonAthenaFullAccess for reference.

Data types

Hightouch parses most Athena data types into JavaScript types before sending them to your destination. Hightouch leaves following Athena data types as strings:

  • MAP

Read more about Athena data types in the Athena documentation.

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