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CLI overview


Hightouch provides an intuitive Command Line Interface (CLI) to give users access to resources in the terminal or automation scripts. You can use the CLI to access the definition of your resources like syncs and models or trigger a sync run from your terminal or automation scripts.

Quick start

Install CLI

To install from shell scripts, run:

# Install the latest version
$ curl -sLf | sh -

# Install specific version
$ curl -sLf | INSTALL_HT_VERSION=v0.1.0 sh -

Login with API key

Next, you need to create a Hightouch API key in your Hightouch workspace settings.

  1. From the API keys tab on the Settings page, select Add API key.
  2. Enter a descriptive Name for your key.
  3. Copy your API key and store it in a safe location. The key will only be displayed once.
  4. Click Create API key.

Then you can login with this API key:

$ ht login
Hightouch API key [************************************]:

You can also use your API key with ENV variables.


CLI reference

Once you've installed and logged in, you can follow the CLI Reference documentation to start using the CLI.


If you have any problems using CLI, please file an issue through GitHub, or contact us through Slack or.

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Last updated: Mar 17, 2023

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