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Send SMS updates to your customers in real time.

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With the Twilio SMS destination, Hightouch can serve as a notifier for various changes. This is a very flexible integration, but here are a few example use cases:

  1. Send 2FA codes
  2. Send usage notifications and alerts
  3. Sending password reset links

Sending messages (added / changed / removed)

Hightouch will not send any SMS messages on the initial run to prevent a flood of messages to your channel. Messages will start after this initial sync.

Hightouch supports sending messages based on rows that have been added, changed, or removed since the last sync run. Each row is sent as an individual SMS message and templated with Liquid.

Recipient and Sender selection

Hightouch supports both sending messages to specific static recipients, or a phone number in each row. Use the mapper to map rows or static numbers to the To and From fields.

Messaging Service SID

You can also enter or select a Twilio Messaging Service SID in the From field.

If you enter a Messaging Service SID as the sender, toggle the switch below the mapping to avoid errors.

The Messaging Service is setup inside Twilio. It allows you to send messages from a phone number pool which is useful when you need larger message quotas.

Phone number cleaning

Hightouch can attempt to clean phone numbers in your data to ensure they are formatted correctly in E.164 format. When cleaning phone numbers, you will need to provide a 2 letter ISO code for the country the numbers belong to.

Message content

Added, changed, and removed phone numbers

For each sms, Hightouch allows you template the content you would like to send in your message (required). The row content is repeated per row in the message and has access to the row values via templating.

  • When a row is added in your query results, Hightouch will send the row added content.
  • When a row is changed in your query results, Hightouch will send the row changed content.
  • When a row is deleted in your query results, Hightouch will send the row deleted content.

This content can be templated.

Templating messages

Liquid templating

For both the message modes, Liquid templating is supported. The most important implication of this is that columns from the added or removed row can be accessed as part of the message body. Here is an example message making use of Liquid to insert a column into the message.

Welcome to the platform {{ row["name"] }}, here is your verification code {{ row["2fa_code"] }}.

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Last updated: Jan 26, 2024

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