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Bing Ads

Ensure that you never serve another irrelevant advertisement with Bing Ads


Use OAuth to connect Bing Ads by navigating to Destinations > Create New > Microsoft Bing Ads.

First click "Connect a Bing Ads account", log in with your Microsoft Ads account, and click "Allow". Hightouch only requires access to manage your ads account and see your email address.

Select Account

Hightouch allows you to choose which account to sync conversion data.

Syncing Offline Conversions

Conversion Goals

This is the conversion goal name for that will be associated with the offline conversions

Field Mapping

The fields Microsoft Click ID and Time are required for a offline conversion to be valid. The time for the conversion should be not older than 90-days or the conversion will be rejected. Also the conversion time should be later than the recorded clickId, and finally, the conversion should be within the conversion goal window.

For more information, see Microsoft Bing Ads' official documentation.

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