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Destination rules

What are destination rules?

Destination rules are a way for customers to specify which row can get synced to certain destinations. It acts as a governance tool for row-level information. A common use case is to sync users to all destinations except those they haven't consented to.

Setting up destination rules

Destination rules

  1. Go to the governance page
  2. Click "Add rule"
  3. Select a parent model, destination, and filters

Similar to building an audience, the builder provides five types of filters you can use with nested Boolean (AND / OR) logic:

Destination rule definition

Previewing destination rules

After creating a destination rule, go to an audience under the same parent model. By selecting the destination rule, the filter will be applied on top of the existing audience conditions. All audience preview features will now include the destination rule.

Audience preview

Using destination rules in syncs

Create a sync with a parent model (proxied by the audience) and destination that has an existing rule. Rows that don't meet a destination rule will be excluded at sync time. All syncs going forward will automatically have the rule applied. Note that these excluded rows are still included in the audience definition, so they remain unaffected when using Customer Studio features that don't involve syncing.

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Last updated: May 14, 2024

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