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Unique identifiers

Hightouch requires a unique identifier in the destination Cockroach table to add, remove, and update rows. The column must be either a UNIQUE or PRIMARY KEY column. At least one Hightouch field must map to a unique column.

If you're unsure whether your mapping includes a compatible column, just try it. Hightouch will error if you need to change your mappings.

Column types

Hightouch works out of the box with all standard column types, including:

  • INT
  • TEXT

If you see type errors, it may be because your SQL query is producing the wrong format. Message us on Intercom if you need help.

Required permissions

Your Cockroach credentials must be able to:

  • SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE rows from the destination table.
  • Perform the following queries:
    • SHOW TABLES FROM <schema>
    • SHOW CONSTRAINTS FROM <schema>.<table>
    • SHOW COLUMNS FROM <schema>.<table>

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022

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