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Enrich customer experiences by using ActiveCampaign's automation platform with rich customer and product data


Navigate to Settings > Developer and copy the API URL and API Key from the API Access section.


Contact Upsert

In this mode, new contacts will be inserted into ActiveCampaign and existing contacts will be updated.

Upsert has three configuration parameters:

Hightouch Column Containing ActiveCampaign EmailThe column in the query results containing the contact email in ActiveCampaign.
Hightouch to ActiveCampaign Field MappingsA list of columns that will be pushed to contacts in ActiveCampaign. Each time a sync occurs in Hightouch, these columns will be updated.
Hightouch to ActiveCampaign Custom Field MappingsA list of custom columns that will be pushed to contacts in ActiveCampaign. These ActiveCampaign columns can be found in Settings > Manage Fields.

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