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Amazon S3

Securely sync CSV or JSON data from any S3 bucket

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Hightouch supports syncing data from CSV and JSON files stored in AWS S3.


To get started, you will need an S3 bucket and AWS credentials. The "Bucket Name" should just be the name of the bucket, not a URL. The IAM user needs to have programmatic access enabled and permission to read from the S3 path you want to use.

Supported Authentication Methods

See the guide for configuring AWS credentials.

Source file format

The file must have the extension .csv or .json.


CSV files must have a header row. The values in the header row will be automatically available as column names when you set up a sync.


When using JSON files as input,

  • The input file must contain an array at the top level.
  • Each element in the input file must be an object with the same keys.

The keys of the array elements will be automatically available as column names when you set up a sync.

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