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The Fivetran extension is only available on Business Tier plans.

The Fivetran extension lets you schedule Hightouch syncs to run as soon as a Fivetran job completes. Relying on Fivetran dbt transformations and connectors for sync scheduling ensures that Hightouch performs syncs when fresh data is available.

Extension setup requires two steps:

  • Connecting your Fivetran account to Hightouch
  • Configuring your Hightouch syncs to trigger with Fivetran

Connect to Fivetran

Navigate to your Fivetran dashboard and retrieve your API Key and Secret. In Hightouch, enter your credentials in the Fivetran configuration page and click Connect.

Behind the scenes, Hightouch adds a new signed webhook to your Fivetran account.

Configure your sync schedule

Now, when creating or modifying a sync you can select Fivetran as a schedule type.

  1. Go the Schedule tab of overview page of the sync you want to schedule. Select Fivetran as the schedule type.
  2. Select the appropriate Fivetran workspace and one or more connectors or dbt transformations as the Fivetran jobs.
  3. Click Save.

Fivetran schedule configuration in the Hightouch UI

Your sync should is now scheduled to run whenever you chosen Fivetran jobs complete.

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