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Optimize enterprise performance using fresh data from your data warehouse


With the Anaplan destination, Hightouch can automate file uploads and trigger import actions in Anaplan. This flexible integration allows you to import a variety of data from your warehouse, such as purchase orders, customer data, and more.


Authorize the Hightouch destination with your Anaplan username and password. Unfortunately, Anaplan does not currently support other authentication methods.

Creating a import data source in Anaplan

You must create an existing data source for Hightouch to upload data into. Navigate to your model -> Model settings -> Actions -> Import Data Source. Create a new "Import Data Source" by uploading a placeholder CSV.

The Hightouch integration will overwrite this CSV with data from your warehouse based on the mappings in your sync configuration.

Creating an import in Anaplan

You can optionally create imports based on the data source, and trigger them after the upload is complete in Hightouch. Navigate to a list and click the "Import" button. After selecting the placeholder data source, you can create an import that can then be selected in Hightouch and viewed in the imports page.

Creating a sync in Hightouch

After setting up the data source and imports in the Anaplan destination, you can use Hightouch to automate sending data to the data sources and triggering the import by creating a sync.

Selecting the model and import data source

Select the model and data source that you created (or an existing one). Please keep in mind that Hightouch will overwrite the import data source. You can choose between two modes:

  • Insert: The data source is overwritten with only the rows that have been added since the last run.
  • All: The data source is overwritten with the full results of the query in this run.

Selecting the triggered imports

You can select one or more imports to trigger after the data source upload is complete. Please note that these imports will be triggered in parallel. Hightouch will wait until the imports are complete before completing the sync.

Mapping your columns

You can map the columns in your Hightouch model to the desired columns in your data source.

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