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Empower your product teams with richer data from your warehouse to perform deeper analysis and better understand user behavior


To find the setup keys, navigate to Settings -> Projects -> [Your Project] -> General. We only need the API key; secret key authentication is not required.

Syncing Objects

Hightouch can sync data to either User and Group objects. A dropdown is available to select between Users and Groups when configuring an Amplitude sync.

Sync Modes

This integration only supports the Upsert mode.

In this mode, new users will be inserted into Amplitude and all user attributes will be kept up-to-date within Amplitude.

This mode is good for the following scenarios:

  • You want to push objects into Amplitude and want to keep the data up-to-date

Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your Amplitude workspace by your Amplitude User ID or Device ID. See Amplitude's docs for more on identifying users.

Mapping a source ID to the Amplitude user ID.

Field Mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Amplitude's default and custom fields.

Setting field mappings for custom fields from the source to Amplitude

User properties only apply on the next event after the property has been changed, and does not apply retrospectively. For more information, check out Amplitude's FAQ.

Delete Mode

Delete mode allows you to decide what to do when a record is no longer in the query results. For Amplitude, Hightouch allows you to either do nothing or clear the mapped attribute fields.

Syncing Events

Track Event Configuration

Hightouch supports sending events of a given name, i.e. Signed Up. Hightouch also allows you to choose the column containing the timestamp, user ID, and device ID.

Hightouch accepts a normal date time format for the timestamp, and automatically converts it to the format required by Amplitude.

Field Mappings

Hightouch allows you to pass data to the default properties and the custom event properties of an Amplitude event.

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