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Push user behavior data from your warehouse into PostHog


After selecting PostHog from our destinations catalog, you will be required to enter your PostHog Project API Key and Public URL.

  • You can locate your Project API key within your PostHog account by navigating to your PostHog project > Project Settings > Project API key.

Hightouch supports syncing both Objects and Events to PostHog.


Hightouch supports syncing to the following PostHog objects:

  • People (Persons)

Sync Modes

Hightouch supports the following sync modes:

  • Upsert - pushes new Person objects to PostHog and updates properties that change in your warehouse.

Record Matching

Person records can be matched from your source to your PostHog workspace by Distinct ID (distinct_id), which is a unique idenitifier in PostHog for each Person.

Field Mapping

You may also sync columns from your source to PostHog's Person properties. PostHog does not provide information on properties currently set for People objects, so you will need to type the exact name of the property you would like to map to in PostHog. These property names must be spelled correctly and are case-sensitive.

Sending Events to PostHog

The PostHog integration also allows you to send events to PostHog with custom properties.

The four elements of any PostHog event are the Event Name (required, which can be a single string used to name all events, or pulled from your warehouse per event), a Timestamp (optional, in ISO 1806 format, or a Unix timestamp in milliseconds), a Distinct ID (required, the unique ID of the user corresponding to the event), and event properties.

You can also map properties that will become event properties in PostHog, just as you would for object properties.

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