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Adobe Target

Sync customer segments to Adobe Target


To generate the required API keys and access tokens:

  1. Navigate to the Adobe admin console
  2. Create new project > Add API > Adobe Target and click Next
  3. Choose whether to generate a new key pair or to upload your own public key. Once done, click Next and choose your product profiles
  4. Navigate to APIS > Adobe Target and click Download for Postman
  5. Import the newly downloaded environment into your Postman
  6. In the new Postman environment, paste the newly downloaded private key into the PRIVAT_KEY variable
  7. Download or copy this [Postman collection]( Management Service.postman_collection.json) and import
  8. Select IMS: JWT: Generate + Auth via User token
  9. Select environment created from first Postman import and run
  10. Go the environment again, and API_KEY and ACCESS_TOKEN should be

For more information, visit the Adobe Target documentation


Hightouch supports syncing to the following Adobe Target profiles

Sync Modes

Hightouch supports the following sync modes:

  • Upsert — Upsert mode pushes new objects to Adobe Target and updates fields that change in your warehouse.

Profile Matching

Profiles can be matched from your warehouse to your Adobe Target destination using the pcID or a third party id. If the selected field is not unique, the incorrect row may be updated.

We can use this field as a merge rule to lookup the record in Hightouch and update it with mapped values.

Field Mapping

You can sync any non read-only fields from your source to any of the fields in the selected object.

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