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Match Booster Implementation

Using Match Booster is a two-step process:

  1. Enrichment: configure Match Booster to enrich your models with additional identifiers.
  2. Sync configuration: select which enriched identifiers to send into supported destinations.

Model configuration

Match boosting begins with your model. By enabling and configuring Match Booster on particular models, you can enrich them with additional identifiers from Hightouch's data partners.

  1. To get started, go to your Models overview page. If you want to enable matching boosting on a Customer Studio audience, go to its parent model on the Schema page.
  2. Select the model on which you want to enable Match Booster and open the Match boosting tab.

Match Boosting in models

  1. Select an interval Schedule with which to run the enrichment process. This is useful for long-running campaigns when additional records enter your model.

  2. Toggle Enable match boosting on.

  3. Select the identifiers you want Hightouch to use to find additional data. This includes selecting an identifier type and mapping it to a column name in your model. The data in the columns you select should have unhashed data.

  4. Click Save.

Model enrichment—the process of adding additional identifiers to your model results—can take up to a few hours to process.

Sync configuration

Once you've enabled match boosting on a model, you can configure match boosting on syncs based on the model. These include audience syncs in Customer Studio.

The following instructions show you how to implement match boosting on existing syncs, but they also apply when configuring syncs for the first time.

You can only configure Match Booster on syncs to supported destinations.

  1. Go to your Syncs overview page and select the sync on which you want to configure Match Booster. Alternatively, create a new sync.
  2. In the Configuration tab, ensure your sync type is set to the desired use case.
  • For audience boosting, choose custom audience, customer match list, or segment.
  • For conversion event boosting, choose click conversions, offline conversions, or offline store conversions
  • For anonymous targeting, choose custom audience, customer match list, or segment.

Match Boosting in syncs

  1. Locate the field mapping section with the text Match boosting enabled.

Match Boosting in syncs

  1. Select the boosted column names you want to map to fields in your destination.

Match Boosting in syncs

  1. Save your sync configuration.

From now on, Hightouch will sync any available additional identifiers to your destination. Model enrichment can take up to few hours to process. Therefore, if you enabled match boosting in your model configuration shortly before updating or creating your sync configuration, it may take a few hours for you to see increased match rates.

Additionally, ad platforms have different practices on how frequently they calculate and update match rates, so you may continue see variation for a day or two after updating your configuration.

View match rates

Hightouch surfaces match rates for syncs to paid advertisting destinations, whether or not you've enabled Match Booster on them. You can view a sync's match rate from its overview page.

Match rates in syncs

Clicking the match rate opens a details view that shows:

  • external status of the sync
  • matched users
  • match percentage
  • links to your audiences in the ad platform

Match rates in syncs

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Last updated: Sep 21, 2023

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