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Workday Adaptive Planning

Sync data from your warehouse to your Workday Adaptive Planning modeled sheets.

Supported syncing

TypeDescriptionSupported Sync ModesAPI Reference
Modeled sheetsImport data to a selected modeled sheetInsert, MirrorModeled sheet docs

For more information about sync modes, refer to the sync modes docs.

Connect to Workday Adaptive Planning

Go to the Destinations overview page and click the Add destination button. Select Workday Adaptive Planning and click Continue. You can then authenticate Hightouch to Workday Adaptive Planning by entering the following required fields into Hightouch:

  • Workday Username
  • Workday Password

Once you've entered these fields, click Continue. Give your destination a descriptive name and Finish the destination connection setup.

Sync configuration

Once you've set up your Workday Adaptive Planning destination and have a model to pull data from, you can set up your sync configuration to begin syncing data. Go to the Syncs overview page and click the Add sync button to begin. Then, select the relevant model and the Workday Adaptive Planning destination you want to sync to.

The Workday Adaptive Planning destination allows you to Mirror your data to a spreadsheet or insert new rows with Insert mode.

Mirror mode replaces the entire selected sheet's contents with the rows from your model. Ensure that your sheet doesn't contain data that shouldn't be overwritten if you select this mode.

Syncing modeled sheets

You can insert rows into or completely replace the selected modeled sheet with data from your model. To begin, select the sheet you want to sync data to and its version.

Record matching

In Insert and Mirror mode, Workday Adaptive Planning automatically generates an identifier for every new record synced, so there is no need to match an existing record.

Field mapping

Hightouch lets you sync sheet fields via field mapping. You can map data from any of your model columns to your modeled sheet fields. Workday Adaptive Planning requires the following fields, so you must map them to complete your configuration:

  • Approval
  • Asset Class
  • Level
  • Priority

Ensure your model columns data types match the data types of the fields you want to sync to.

Workday Adaptive Planning uses numbers to represent boolean values. Use 0 for false and 1 for true.

Tips and troubleshooting

Common errors

If you encounter an error or question not listed below and need assistance, don't hesitate to . We're here to help.

Data containing pipe symbols

Workday Adaptive Planning uses the pipe symbol (|) to separate the sheet's columns. Make sure your data does not contain any pipe symbols since it will cause a mismatch in the header and row data.

Live debugger

Hightouch provides complete visibility into the API calls made during each of your sync runs. We recommend reading our article on debugging tips and tricks to learn more.

Sync alerts

Hightouch can alert you of sync issues via Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, or email. For details, please visit our article on alerting.

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Last updated: May 30, 2023

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