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Ensure that your campaigns are efficiently reaching the right audiences for the best results with Yahoo DSP.

Supported syncing

Sync TypeDescriptionSupported Sync Modes
Conversion eventsSync data from any source to any eventsInsert
SegmentsCreate and update audiencesAdd

Connect to Yahoo

Go to the Destinations overview page and click the Add destination button. Select Yahoo and click Continue. You can then authenticate Hightouch to Yahoo by entering the required credentials.

The required credentials depend on whether you want to sync conversion events, segments, or both.

Conversion event credentials

For Hightouch to sync data to your conversion events you need to enter your Yahoo Data Passing Entity. This is the name of your Yahoo account.

Segment credentials

For Hightouch to sync data to your segments, you need to enter:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret

To retrieve these, open your Yahoo DSP Dashboard. In the upper-right corner, select your name, then My Account.

Yahoo DSP dashboard

Activate the API and agree to the terms. A success message displays your credentials. Copy the client ID and secret, and keep it in a safe place.

Yahoo credentials

For more details, visit the Yahoo DSP Authentication docs.

Sync configuration

Once you've set up your Yahoo destination and have a model to pull data from, you can set up your sync configuration to begin syncing data. Go to the Syncs overview page and click the Add sync button to begin. Then, select the relevant model and the Yahoo destination you want to sync to.

Syncing events

When syncing events, Hightouch treats any records added to your source as new events and sends them to Yahoo DSP when your sync runs.

To ensure syncs send each event, your event model must use a truly unique primary key. See the events syncs documentation for more information.

Event timestamp

You can include a timestamp of when the event occurred. If this field is empty, Hightouch uses the time the event arrives at the server.

Hightouch converts any DateTime values to Epoch UTC milliseconds per Yahoo DSP's expectations.

Record matching

To match rows from your model to events in Yahoo, you need to select the model column that contains values that match the event ID.

The event ID is an unique identifier used by Yahoo DSP to prevent duplication in reporting. If provided and an event has the same value as a previously synced event, Hightouch doesn't process the duplicate event.

Field mapping

Yahoo requires you include the VMCID parameter when sending events. The VMCID is the value of the pixel context macro collected from the click or the third-party ad server.

For more information about required and supported parameters, refer to Yahoo DSP's documentation.

Syncing segments

The Yahoo DSP enables you to build audiences that are most responsive to your campaigns, are most likely to convert, or are otherwise advantageous.

Begin by selecting the Yahoo account you would like to sync to. Then, select whether to create a new audience or use an existing one. When creating a new audience, you can optionally enter a name; otherwise, Hightouch defaults to the name of the associated model. To use an existing audience, select the desired audience from the dropdown.

Audience type selection

Yahoo DSP API allows you to create different types of audiences. Hightouch supports email address, device ID, and IP address types. You can only select one audience type per sync. You can later combine the different audience types when building your campaigns in Yahoo.

User identifiers

To identify which users to add or update in an audience, select model columns and the corresponding Yahoo fields. The available fields vary depending on your selected audience type.

Increase match rates in Yahoo Demand Side Platform (DSP) audiences by enabling Match Booster.

Yahoo DSP's API doesn't support removing identifiers or audience members.

Tips and troubleshooting

Common errors

To date, our customers haven't experienced any errors while using this destination. If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate to . We're here to help.

Live debugger

Hightouch provides complete visibility into the API calls made during each of your sync runs. We recommend reading our article on debugging tips and tricks to learn more.

Sync alerts

Hightouch can alert you of sync issues via Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, or email. For details, please visit our article on alerting.

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Last updated: May 12, 2023

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