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Supported syncing

Object TypeDescriptionSupported Sync Modes
Customer Match User ListCreates a customer list for the Customer Match feature of Google Ads. Segments are automatically created in Google Ads based on the name of the modelInsert, Update
Click ConversionsSends click conversion tracking information to Google Ads for each record in the query resultsInsert
Click Conversion AdjustmentsSends click conversion adjustments to Google Ads for each record in the query resultsInsert
Call ConversionsSends call conversion tracking information to Google Ads for each record in the query resultsInsert
Offline Store ConversionsSends offline store sales conversion tracking information to Google Ads for each record in the query resultsInsert

Connect to Google Ads

Go to the Destinations overview page and click the Add destination button. Select Google Ads and click Continue. You can then authenticate Hightouch to Google Ads via OAuth.

Authenticate with OAuth

Click Log in to Google Ads, log in with your Google Account, and click Allow. You should then see a success notification in the Hightouch UI.

Sync configuration

Once you've set up your Google Ads destination and have a model to pull data from, you can set up your sync configuration to begin syncing data. Go to the Syncs overview page and click the Add sync button to begin. Then, select the relevant model and the Google Ads destination you want to sync to.

Select account

Hightouch allows you to choose which account to sync conversion data and audiences to, even if you don't have direct access to it (Hightouch will login via a manager account that has access to it).

In this case, the authenticated account has direct access to the Hightouch Manager Account (MCC) and the Hightouch ad account. On top of that, the account also has access to the three accounts (including the Hightouch account again) via the manager account.

Selecting either account at the top level will sync directly to those accounts without logging via another manager account. Otherwise, selecting the nested accounts will make Hightouch login via the root manager account.


Syncing conversions includes Click Conversions, Click Conversion Adjustments, Call Conversions, and Offline Store Conversions.

When syncing conversion events, Hightouch treats any records added to your source as new events and sends them to Google Ads when your sync runs.

To ensure syncs send each event, use a hash function for the event model's primary key . The hash should combine all columns, including member ID, timestamp, etc. See the event sync documentation for more information.

Conversion actions

This is the conversion action ID for the particular conversions type that you selected.

Store conversions options (store conversions only)

This section allows you to define fractions and other properties for both first party and third party store conversion data. This includes what percentage of transactions are actually uploaded, and what percentage of transactions are actually valid.

Field mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Google Ad's fields. Note: any transaction amount here should be in the unit microns, for example, $200 = 200000000.

Mapping source columns to Google Ads fields in the Hightouch UI

Google requires all conversion events to include a currency code in a separate column in addition to the amount. Consult Google's chart of supported currency codes to ensure your data meets their specifications.

Customer match user lists

Custom list name

Enter a list name if you don't want to use the model name as your user list name in Google Ads.

Creating a new user list in the Hightouch UI

Existing lists

Instead of creating a new list, Hightouch can also sync users to existing lists that are already populated in your Google Ads account.

Using an existing user list in the Hightouch UI

Field mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Google Ad's fields. At least one field has to be mapped here.

Handling PII and hashing

You can enable PII hashing if you wish for Hightouch to detect whether your data requires normalization and hashing based on the chosen record mapping. For example, if you select Email and the source column with the email data is unhashed, Hightouch hashes the value for you.

By default, Hightouch automatically detects if the following fields require hashing:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • First Name
  • Last Name


Common errors

  • INVALID_CONVERSION_ACTION: Ensure that you've chosen the correct conversion type within the Google Ads UI. If choosing the "Import" type, please note that this should only be used for Offline Conversions.
  • INVALID_GRANT: The token for the user that connected the Google Ads destination has expired or revoked. Please re-auth within the destination settings.
  • REQUIRED_FIELD_MISSING: Customer Match Lists require at least one personal identifier. Check the required fields relevant for the match list type you've chosen.

Live debugger

Hightouch provides complete visibility into the API calls made during each of your sync runs. We recommend reading our article on debugging tips and tricks to learn more.

Sync alerts

Hightouch can alert you of sync issues via Slack, PagerDuty, SMS, or email. For details, please visit our article on alerting.

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