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Note: Your account must be the CMS Hub Professional or Enterprise or Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise with Website Add-on.

Hightouch let's you authenticate in two ways:

  • OAuth
  • API Key


You can choose the OAuth route for a simple flow that will just prompt you to login and choose the account to give Hightouch access to.

If successful, you will be redirected back to Hightouch to finish setting up.


To retrieve the API key, click the wheel icon in the main navigation bar in your HubSpot account.

In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Integrations and then API Key.

You can either copy an existing key, or click on Generate API key to generate one.


Sync Modes

Hightouch let's you select the table to sync to.

This integration supports the Update and Upsert sync mode.

In the Update mode, rows will be kept up-to-date within HubDB.

During the Upsert mode, new rows will be inserted into HubDB and existing rows will be kept up-to-date within HubDB.

Columns to Sync

For HubDB, you can manually map fields. Only the fields that you map will be exported. All other columns from your results are ignored.

Delete Mode

The default is to do nothing, but you can also set Hightouch to delete the record when it leaves the query result.

    Need help?

    Our team is relentlessly focused on your success. We're ready to jump on a call to help unblock you.

    • Connection issues with your data warehouse?
    • Confusing API responses from destination systems?
    • Unsupported destination objects or modes?
    • Help with complex SQL queries?

    Feature Requests?

    If you see something that's missing from our app, let us know and we'll work with you to build it!

    We want to hear your suggestions for new sources, destinations, and other features that would help you activate your data.

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