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Supercharge your sales team by syncing your most up-to-date customer and lead data from your warehouse


Upon selecting as your destination you will be prompted to input your API key.

You can locate this API key within your account by navigating to Settings > API Key:


Hightouch supports syncing the following objects:

  • People

Sync modes

  • Upsert: pushes new objects to and updates fields that change in your warehouse.
  • Update: only updates particular fields on existing objects in It does not add new objects.

Record matching

Records can be matched from your source to your workspace by the contact's email only.

Field mapping

You may also sync columns from your source to's object properties.

Other considerations

As per their documentation,'s API is limited to 15,000 requests per user per month. This is important to keep in mind when syncing large amounts of data since Upsert mode will make one API call per record synced and Update mode will make up to two API calls per record synced (one to check that user exists and the other to update the user). Please plan your syncs accordingly.

If you'd like to increase this rate limit, please contact support..

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Last updated: Nov 28, 2022

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