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Pinterest Ads

Deliver better ads by syncing customer list audiences to Pinterest Ads


After selecting Pinterest Ads from our Destinations catalog, you will be prompted to input an advertiser account ID to initiate an OAuth flow. You can locate your advertiser account ID within your Pinterest business account by navigating to the drop down button on the top right of the page > Business Access > Ad Accounts.

Customer list audience

A Customer List Audience is a Customer List that is added to an Audience. Hightouch supports automatically creating a new Customer List Audience or adding to an existing Customer List Audience for your sync. For a new Customer List Audience, you can specify a custom name, or Hightouch will use the name of the model. To help differentiate the name of your Customer List and Audience, we save the Customer List name as Customer List-{customer list name} and Audience name as Audience-{audience name}. For example, here the name Users 1 will be used as the list name:

After creation, the Customer List name will be Customer List-Users 1 and the Audience name will be Audience-Users 1.

Additionally, instead of creating a new customer list audience, Hightouch can also sync users to existing lists that are already populated in your Pinterest Ads account. We show the Customer List Audience as a comma separated string. By using the example above, the Customer List Audience shows as, Customer List-Users 1, Audience-Users 1.

Sync mode

This integration supports Segment mode. New records will be inserted into the Pinterest Ads Customer List Audience. Users that are removed from the model will be removed from the list.


  • When creating or updating a Customer List Audience, it can take up to 24-48 hours for the audience size to update. More details can be found under Customer List on this help page.
  • You may notice that the audience size may be lower than the total number of records synced to Pinterest Ads as Pinterest filters out records that do not have a Pinterest account.

Record mappings

Pinterest Ads allows mapping to various user types including Email, IDFA, MAID, LR_ID, DLX_ID, and Hashed Pinner ID types.

Emails must be lowercase and can be plain text or hashed using SHA1, SHA256, or MD5. MAIDs and IDFAs must be hashed with SHA1, SHA256, or MD5.

PII hashing

Pinterest Ads requires some identity information to be normalized and hashed. We support hashing for all user types except for Email as Pinterest Ads doesn't require it to be hashed. Enable PII hashing if you wish for Hightouch to normalize and hash these values for you using a SHA256 hash. Disabling PII hashing will require you to do this yourself.

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