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Hightouch Audiences is a visual segmentation builder that enables less technical users to build and manage cohorts in a self-service way. This product still ultimately executes SQL queries against your warehouse, but provides an easy interface to manage custom filtering logic against your data models within the warehouse.


Advantages over traditional Customer Data Platforms

Some quick advantages to using Audiences over a traditional cloud-based CDP:

  • Time to Value - can be implemented in days, not months
  • More Secure - Hightouch does not store data
  • More Affordable - executes queries directly off of your warehouse
  • More Flexible - supports any custom data models created by your data team
  • More Performant - leverages bulk APIs for downstream tools
  • Future-proofed - reaps the benefits of the modern data stack surrounding the data warehouse

See our blog post on Why your CDP should be your Data Warehouse.

Work directly from your Data Models

As mentioned above, Audiences doesn't just apply to cohorts of Users, it can represent any custom data model, which may require managing many-to-many relationships with other entities (such as companies, workspaces, devices, etc.).

To get started, there's a one-time setup to define the data models that Hightouch Audiences should be referencing. This includes defining your Parent Models, Related Models, and Event Tables. Here's a simple diagram to illustrate the relationships between these concepts:

Example query

An Example Query

A simple eCommerce example below illustrates a cohort of all users that have added a Nike product to cart and then did not purchase a Nike product AND those that also have an LTV of over $1,000.00

Example query

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