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SQL Server

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There are two available options to connect to your SQL server database when creating the destination.

Required Permissions

Both setup options require:

  • Server name (IP address or Azure hostname)
  • Port number (1433 by default)
  • Database name
  • SQL Server Username
  • SQL Server Password

Your credentials must be able to:

  • Add/update/delete rows in your sync's table.
  • View these tables: (*These are used for gathering metadata to set up the sync.)

To ensure your credentials are correct, click "Test connection". This will confirm if Hightouch is able to properly connect to your database by running a simple SELECT query.

Password Form

Connection String

Connection string must be in this format: Server=server;Database=database;User Id=username;Password=password;Encrypt=boolean

If you see the following error message, you need to update your firewall settings in your Azure Console.


Hightouch supports Upsert mode with the option to delete removed rows.

Select the schema and table you want to sync to. A common schema to use is the database's default, dbo.

Record Matching

Records can be matched from your source to your database table by any primary key or unique columns shown in the dropdown.

Note: We do not display identity columns as those cannot be edited or set when inserting.

Field Mapping

Select the fields from your source that you want to sync to Sql Server.

Make sure you account for column types and columns that are non-nullable. If you upsert any row with the wrong column type or set a null value for a non-nullable column, the entire batch with that row (up to 1k rows) will fail.

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