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To create a MySQL destination, fill the host, port and other information that Hightouch needs to connect to your MySQL database.

Create sync

Once you created your model, you can start creating a sync to sync data.

Select the table you want to sync data:

Select the ID mapping between your source data and column in MySQL:

Note: the ID you choose on MySQL mapping(right side) must be a PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE column in order for Hightouch to associate data from source to destination properly.

Select fields from source and destination column that you want to sync to MySQL:


You will have the option to use the LOAD DATA statement in the upsert query during your sync. This statement loads data from a text file into your database, which can be 20x faster than the default query We're using, INSERT INTO. However, Hightouch will replace the row in the database if it already exists when using LOAD DATA. This means that if any database fields aren't mapped in Hightouch, they will be NULLed because MySQL will replace that found row with just the mapped record from Hightouch. Checkout the MySQL documentation on LOAD DATA.

Hightouch will create the file of the queried rows to upsert during the sync. However, in order for Hightouch to successfully sync with LOAD DATA, you need to enable the local_infile system variable.

Please make sure you review the security considerations for enabling local_infile.

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