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Priority Lists

Priority Lists is part of the advanced audience builder, available as an add-on to Business Tier plans.


Users often belong to multiple audiences based on buying behavior, brand affinity, demographic information, and more. You may have campaigns targeting each of these audiences, but you don't want to spam users by including them in every campaign targeting an audience they belong to.

Priority lists empower marketers to specify which audiences take priority over other audiences. With priority lists, when users belong to multiple audiences, Hightouch only syncs users to their highest priority audience. Prioritizing audience inclusion ensures that users only show up in the highest-value campaigns you run, saving money, and making campaigns more efficient.


Before you begin creating priority lists, make sure you've set up audiences.

  1. Navigate to the Audiences and select Priority lists in the top right corner.

  2. Click the Add priority list button in the top right corner.

  3. Enter a Name for your priority list and select a parent model. A priority list must consist of audiences that are derived from the same parent model.

    Create priority list page

  4. Select the audiences to include in the priority list by clicking the Add audiences button.

  5. Reorder the priority of an audience by clicking and dragging on that audience. The higher up in the list an audience is, the higher priority it has.

    Drag and drop editor

  6. Click the Save button when the priority list has been configured.

    You can update a priority list at any time from the priority list detail page. You can access a priority list's detail page by navigating to Priority Lists and clicking on a priority list.


Can an audience be in multiple priority lists?

No. One audience can only belong to one priority list.

Can a priority list have audiences created from different parent models?

No. A single priority list must only contain audiences that share a common Parent Model.

Do Insight tools, like Breakdowns and Overlaps, reflect if an audience belongs to a priority list?

Yes-Audience Insights take audience priority into account.

To learn more, read the Audience Insights docs or navigate to the Audiences page and select an audience. The tools can be found under the Overlap and Breakdown tabs.

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