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If you'd like to use your existing Looks to define Hightouch models, check out our Looker model support.


You'll need to allowlist Hightouch's IP addresses to allow our systems to contact your warehouse. Reference our docs to determine which IPs you need to allowlist.

  1. In Hightouch, go to Sources or click
  2. Click "Create Source"
    Selecting Add Source
  3. Select Looker
    Selecting the Looker Source
  4. Connect to your Looker account. First, fill in the Client ID and Client Secret fields. The client ID and client secret are part of an API3 key that is specific to each Looker user. Looker admins can generate an API3 key on the Edit User page, as described in this section of Looker's Users documentation page (you can access the values by pressing "Edit Keys" on the user. The Connection Name field specifies the database connection from which a model will retrieve data. Database connections are defined and named on the Connections page in the Database section of Looker's Admin panel. For more information, visit Looker's Connections documentation.
    Config Looker Source
  5. Create the name for this Source (ex: "Production Looker Connection"). This is the name displayed for the Source in the Hightouch UI.

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