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Keep your storefront up-to-date with the latest customer and product info from your data warehouse


You will need to provide the store name and Admin API Access Token.
  • Click on Apps in the left sidebar.
  • Click on Create an App in the top right corner.
  • Once you have created the app, head to the Configuration tab.
  • Configure the Admin API Integration.
    • Must provide read and write permissions to Customers, Discounts, Price Rules and Products
  • When you are done, click Save.
  • Head to the API Credentials tab.
  • Click on Install in the Access Token box.
  • You will see your Admin API Access Token. Click to reveal and copy the token.


Hightouch supports syncing to the following Shopify objects:
  • Customers
  • Discounts
  • Products

Sync Modes

Hightouch supports a combination of Insert, Update, and Upsert sync modes based on the Shopify object.
  • For Customers, we support Insert, Update, and Upsert sync modes.
  • For Discounts, we support Insert and Update sync modes.
  • For Products, we support Insert, Update, and Upsert sync modes.
In the Insert mode, new rows will be inserted into Shopify.
In the Update mode, attributes will be kept up-to-date within Shopify.
In the Upsert mode, new rows will be inserted into Shopify and attributes will be kept up-to-date within Shopify.

Record Matching

Based on your Shopify object, database records can be matched from your source to your Shopify workspace by a unique property.
  • Customers can be matched by email, id, or phone.
  • Discounts can be matched by id.
  • Products can be matched by handle.

Field Mapping

You can sync columns from your source to Shopify’s default and custom fields.
Note that for Discounts a Price Rule ID must be provided that already exists on Shopify.

Delete Mode

For Products, you can choose what Hightouch's behavior is when a record leaves the query result set.
The default is to do nothing, but you can also set Hightouch to delete the Products record.

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    • Connection issues with your data warehouse?
    • Confusing API responses from destination systems?
    • Unsupported destination objects or modes?
    • Help with complex SQL queries?


    Feature Requests?

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    We want to hear your suggestions for new sources, destinations, and other features that would help you activate your data.

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