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Sync data from Oracle DB to Marketo

Connect your data from Oracle DB to Marketo with Hightouch. No APIs, no months-long implementations, and no CSV files. Just your data synced forever.

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Use cases

Sync data from Oracle DB to Marketo

  • Sync data about users and accounts into Marketo to build hyper-personalized campaigns
  • Keep your Marketo account updated with fresh data from your warehouse
  • Deliver a unified experience by bringing in data from other customer touchpoints into Marketo

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What Marketo objects can you sync to?

  • Leads

    The Marketo Lead’s API provides a large set of capabilities for simple CRUD applications against lead records, as well as the ability to modify a lead’s membership in static lists and programs, and initiate Smart Campaign processing for leads.

    Hightouch docsMarketo API
  • Companies

    Companies represent the organization to which lead records belong. Leads are added to a Company by populating their corresponding externalCompanyId field using Sync Leads or Bulk Lead Import endpoints.

  • Opportunities

    Marketo exposes APIs for reading, writing, creating and updating opportunity records. In Marketo, opportunity records are linked to lead and contact records through the intermediate Opportunity Role object, so an opportunity may be linked to many individual leads.

  • Custom Activities

    Custom activities help you track an activity that isn’t related to a Marketo form, email, or landing page. Want to track when someone deposits a check? Use a custom activity. Want to keep tabs on when someone attends a webinar? Use a custom activity.

  • Static lists

    Static lists are one of the most simple and useful features of Marketo. They are simply a list of names from your Database. You will find plenty of reasons to use them.

  • Campaigns

    Hightouch allows you to trigger campaigns through Marketo Campaign API with records in your model.

What methods can I use to model my Oracle DB data?

  • dbt model selector

    Semi-opaque, open dropdown with three example dbt model names such as ''.

    Sync directly with your dbt models saved in a git repository.

  • SQL editor

    SQL editor.

    Create and Edit SQL from your browser. Hightouch supports SQL native to Oracle DB.

  • Table selector

    Semi-opaque open dropdown with three example table names such as ''.

    Select available tables and sheets from Oracle DB and sync using existing views without having to write SQL.


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