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Customer Studio

Unleash the power of the data warehouse for everyone

Explore, manage, and activate customer data directly from the data warehouse with an entire suite of purpose-built marketer-friendly features.

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Customer data card displaying the customer's name, email, company, and last used fields.

Powering marketing teams at brands like

Auto Trader.
Compare Club.

Powering marketing teams at brands like

Audience activation made easy

Hightouch syncs audiences from the data warehouse to all the tools your teams rely on. Just define an audience and start syncing. No CSVs required.

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Audience activation made easy.
Audience activation made easy.

The Composable CDP

Customer Studio powers a new era of Customer Data Platforms

Data moving from a Data Warehouse, into Hightouch's Customer Studio, and then into various ad networks, analytics tools, and lifecycle tools.
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Austin Hay.
Ramp logo.

This might be one of the greatest inventions for technical marketers since the advent of legacy CDPs back in 2015.

Austin Hay

Austin Hay

Head of Marketing Technology


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Advanced features

Supercharged marketing teams

Go beyond just a point-and-click audience builder with advanced features that unlock the full value of your customer data.

Data Activation

Sync your customer 360° to all your tools

Sync updated customer profiles to every marketing tool. Personalize marketing with a full view of your customers.

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Sync your customer 360° to all your tools.
Sync your customer 360° to all your tools.


Enrich profiles with calculated fields

Easily create new, computed fields for personalization and segmentation like 'Last Page Viewed' or 'LTV' in a simple no-code editor.

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Enrich profiles with calculated fields.
Enrich profiles with calculated fields.


Deliver A/B testing across channels

Build randomized audience splits directly within Hightouch to centrally manage your multivariate testing across channels. Never upload a testing CSV again.

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Deliver A/B testing across channels.
Deliver A/B testing across channels.

Priority Lists

Orchestrate marketing funnels

Quickly coordinate prioritization across any number of your Hightouch audiences. Sync funnel-based audiences to all your marketing platforms in seconds.

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Orchestrate marketing funnels.
Orchestrate marketing funnels.


Analyze audience composition

Visualize the distribution of user characteristics within audiences to better understand who you are targeting. Never build a “bad” audience again.

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Analyze audience composition.
Analyze audience composition.


Identify overlap across audiences

Get the audience insights you need to build the most optimal audience every time. No more audience collisions leading to poor user experiences.

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Identify overlap across audiences.
Identify overlap across audiences.

Hightouch is the platform with the Fastest Implementation, Easiest Setup and Best Estimated ROI in the CDP category on G2

Our customers love using our no-code audience builder to build, manage & activate audiences to their many marketing tools.

G2 Winter 2023, Fastest Implementation.
G2 Winter 2023, Easiest Setup.
G2 Winter 2023, Best est. ROI.
G2 Winter 2023, Leader.
G2 Winter 2023, Easiest Admin.
G2 Winter 2023, High Performer - Europe.
G2 Winter 2023, High Performer - Small Business.
G2 2023, Best Software.
G2 Fall 2022, Fastest Implementation.
G2 Fall 2022, Easiest Setup.
G2 Fall 2022, Best est. ROI.
G2 Fall 2022, Best Relationship.
G2 Fall 2022, Leader.
Imperfect Foods.

Hightouch is a great tool. My marketing team can self-serve all our data syncs.

Carey B.

Marketing Ops

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Hightouch allows us to target the same people across the whole garden of advertising and push audiences to different channels so we can ensure the same people see the same ads across the Internet.

Max Sutra

Growth & Demand Gen Lead

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Thanks to Hightouch, I no longer have to wake up on Saturdays and Sundays to upload manual CSV files. With Hightouch, we can trust that the same data that lives in our internal reports is the same data that is getting passed to our ad platforms.

Mallory Reese-Bagley

Senior Marketing Ops Manager

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Sync data to 150+ tools

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Facebook Custom Audiences
Retention Science
Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox)
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Zoho CRM
Facebook Product Catalog
Ryan Newsome.
CompareClub logo.

Hightouch is super easy to use and set up— you click a couple of buttons and the audience is made. Your data team often becomes a bottleneck, but not anymore. The audience builder allows our acquisition team to do the work themselves.

Ryan Newsome

Ryan Newsome

Head of Data and Analytics


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It takes less than 5 minutes to activate your data. Get started today.