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Hightouch is the fastest way to sync live customer data into the tools your teams rely on. Get started for free, no credit card required.

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#1 Reverse ETL

Start syncing data in minutes

Your data is ready to use in your warehouse or BI tool. Use Hightouch to sync that data to sales and marketing tools without APIs, CSVs, or engineering favors.

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See how Hightouch helps different teams

Data teams

Enforce consistent metrics across all systems.

Activate your data


Personalize all your touchpoints.

Personalize campaigns


Target product qualified leads.

Close more revenue

Customer success

Identify and reduce churn.

Reduce churn

The data activation platform

Hightouch offers three products, empowering anyone to activate data from the warehouse

Hightouch Reverse ETL


Hightouch Reverse ETL

Activate your data warehouse with SQL. Map the columns in your warehouse to the fields in your SaaS applications, and as the data changes it will be synced automatically.

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Hightouch Audiences


Hightouch Audiences

Use the data you already have to self-serve your marketing campaigns. With our point-and-click audience builder, marketing teams can run campaigns without relying on engineering favors.

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Hightouch Notify


Hightouch Notify

Get notification streams off the warehouse. Go beyond dashboards and drive actions, like an automated Slack message or Asana task, for new high value sign-ups.

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increase in return on ad spend



improvement in email engagement

Auto Trader.


lift in customer acquisition


Connect to the tools that move your business

Your data is always secure

Unlike other SaaS tools, Hightouch never stores any of your data.

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant.

SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Your data stays secure, available, and confidential. To see our report, contact us at

GDPR compliant.

GDPR compliant

If you’re in the EU, your data is only processed on EU data centers.

HIPAA compliant.

HIPAA compliant

Healthcare companies like ThirtyMadison, Chapter Health, and Headway trust Hightouch.

CCPA compliant.

CCPA compliant

To see our DPA (Data Processing Addendum), contact us at

Adam Smith.
Imperfect Foods logo.

Hightouch has made it really easy to sync our Snowflake data to our various marketing platforms so we can optimize our campaigns around our most successful customers.

Adam Smith

Adam Smith

Analytics Manager

Imperfect Foods

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