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The best marketing teams use Hightouch and their cloud data warehouse to activate customer data.

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You've got a world-class MarTech stack. But do you have world-class data?

All of your customer data and more live in your data warehouse. Activate that data to enrich customer profiles and drive personalization across your marketing campaigns.

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Groups of customer data of Taylor swift fans moving into various marketing tools and campaigns.

Audience activation made easy

Hightouch syncs audiences from the data warehouse to all the tools your teams rely on. Just define an audience and start syncing. No CSVs required.

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The next wave of MarTech is powered by the cloud data warehouse


“The goal is to take that data that is collected and bridge the activation gap to create unforgettable customer experiences on an individual level.”

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“When marketers can access data that inform the customers' unique interactions across the user journey, they can speak directly to customer needs at each lifecycle stage.”


“Marketers need to understand their customers, activate data to engage them, and measure impact. The data warehouse as the source of truth makes this easy to do effectively.”

M1 Finance.

“Using a data warehouse has allowed our marketers to access data more efficiently for segmentation and improve messaging consistency. Overall, a massive win for our teams.”


“If you have a customer question to answer or a campaign goal to achieve, you can assemble the data in whichever way you need from a data warehouse. The flexibility is there unlike with other tools.”


“Activating data from our warehouses to Hubspot means we're able to proactively create personalized experiences. It's saved both our marketing and data teams so much time and money!”

Advantages to embracing the cloud data warehouse with Hightouch


Leverage all your customer data

From web data to your latest data science models, use all the data in your cloud data warehouse for the most complete customer picture. Customer Studio lets any user explore, segment, and activate data to the downstream tools marketing teams rely on.

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Leverage all your customer data.


Create any campaign, powered with any data

Most applications, including legacy Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), are built around rigid data models that only support entities like users and events. With a warehouse-first approach to customer data, modern marketing teams activate data models that are built to fit any business need.

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Create any campaign, powered with any data.


Activate more from your marketing stack

Do more with the marketing tools you’ve already invested in and rely on. You can enrich your targeting, positioning, and messaging with all of the data activated from your warehouse. You can even deliver real-time, personalized customer experiences with a low-latency API.

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Activate more from your marketing stack.

If there’s been one monumental shift in the data landscape, it’s the rise of the data warehouse. The warehouse is the new source of truth for all of a business' data: customers, revenue, and inventory. I haven’t talked with any company operating at scale that doesn’t leverage a warehouse. It makes a ton of sense to base your business decisions off that source of truth, and that’s exactly what Hightouch is doing.

Calvin French-Owen.

Calvin French-Owen
Co-Founder at Segment

Calvin French-Owen.


Learn how to leverage your data warehouse to unleash the power of your MarTech stack.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy a CDP.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Buy a CDP

Creating Spotify Wrapped-Like Campaigns with Hightouch and Iterable.

Creating Spotify Wrapped-Like Campaigns with Hightouch and Iterable

Warner Music Group leverages Snowflake and Hightouch to “super-serve” fans, artists, and labels.

Warner Music Group leverages Snowflake and Hightouch to “super-serve” fans, artists, and labels

Connect to 200+ tools

Send any data to any tool. Skip building and maintaining pipelines, uploading CSVs, and having data silos across marketing, sales, customer success, finance, and analytics.

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Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox)
NCR Advanced Marketing Solution
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Amazon Ads DSP and AMC
Zoho CRM

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