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Sync data out of the warehouse with Reverse ETL

You're already using the best in ELT. Pair it with the best in Reverse ETL to sync your warehouse data to 200+ SaaS tools.

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Close the loop on your data pipelines with Fivetran & Hightouch

Sales & Marketing teams

Sync customer data to Salesforce and Hubspot.

Sync customer data to Salesforce and Hubspot

OPS & GTM teams

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Advertising teams

Optimize Facebook 
ad campaigns.

Optimize Facebook ad campaigns

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Build your integrations off the warehouse

The cloud data warehouse is quickly becoming the organizational source of truth. Ensure your data store doesn’t become a data silo: it’s not just about getting the data in, but also delivering it to the teams that will make decisions on it. As the last mile of the modern data stack, Reverse ETL activates that otherwise stagnant data by automatically syncing it into 200+ business apps.

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Build your integrations off the warehouse.

Trigger syncs as soon as your Fivetran jobs complete

Keep the freshest data possible flowing into your operational tools. With our native Fivetran integration, you can trigger Hightouch syncs to run as soon as upstream Fivetran connectors or Fivetran dbt transformations complete.

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Trigger syncs as soon as your Fivetran jobs complete.

Version control with Git

Use GitHub or Bitbucket to bi-directionally sync all configuration changes from Hightouch or your CLI. You can see all edits and rollback unintended changes immediately and require PRs to ensure all changes are approved.

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Version control with Git.

We are a Fivetran Partner of the Year

Over 150 data-driven organizations trust Fivetran and Hightouch to turn their data warehouse into an activation engine. Join the movement and power incredible customer experiences by super-charging your ELT investments with Reverse ETL.

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We are a Fivetran Partner of the Year.

The value of Fivetran isn't any one individual connector – it’s being able to pull in Salesforce, Marketo, Asana, and NetSuite and blend the data from historically separate departments together for analysis. With Hightouch, we can then push it out to make sure that everyone's looking at the same metrics.

William Tsu

Customer Success Operations at Blend

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See how you can synchronize your Fivetran and Hightouch pipelines

Customer stories

Learn how modern teams are automating their data pipelines with Fivetran and Hightouch


IntelyCare grew 300% during COVID and saved $1M in marketing spend with Hightouch


Blend leveraged unified data to reduce reporting time for Finance and Operations teams by 50%


Nandos reduced data integration time by 75% by automating ELT and data activation workflows with Fivetran and Hightouch

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes