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Sync customer data to any destination with Reverse ETL

No data storage, no new pipelines, plus full observability and control for data teams. Spend time creating structure and insights, not building pipelines.

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Trusted by teams at

Trusted by leading companies to sync data securely at scale

Morning Brew.
Plug and play.

Plug and play

Deep integrations into every part of your stack.

Data consistency.

Data consistency

Keep your warehouse as the source of truth.

Beyond BI.

Beyond BI

Don’t stop at analytics.
Help teams take action.

Secure by design.

Secure by design

Own your data.
Avoid lengthy security reviews.

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Hightouch Audiences user interface.

Say goodbye to custom API integrations

How much time and energy have you spent pouring into API documentation to build pipelines that get data from point A to point B? It’s time to reclaim that time. Reverse ETL lets you activate your data using SQL, or you can tap into your existing dbt models. We’ve built 200+ integrations into SaaS tools, transactional databases, and software frameworks so you can spend less time building data pipelines and more time building data systems that scale.

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Say goodbye to custom API integrations.
Say goodbye to custom API integrations.

Don’t let your data die in dashboards

They’re asking for a dashboard...but what they really want is data. Help business teams take action on customer data by syncing it directly into the tools they use every day. Just query your warehouse with SQL, or you can activate your existing Looker Looks. With the detailed data they need directly in their apps, they’ll probably be requesting fewer CSV exports, too. Win/win.

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Don’t let your data die in dashboards.
Don’t let your data die in dashboards.

Tailor-built for the modern data stack

Building models should be the hardest part of your job. Full stop. Take advantage of them, and other engineering best practices, without the headaches. We’ve got all the bells-and-whistles you’ve come to expect: version control with Git Sync, platform governance, orchestration, and observability.

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Tailor-built for the modern data stack.
Tailor-built for the modern data stack.

Keep your data in your hands

Hightouch never stores your data...and we don’t want to. Run queries directly on your warehouse, and we’ll sync it directly to your destination. You maintain full control, with the additional reassurance that your data remains secure with SOC 2, HIPAA, and GDPR compliance.

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Keep your data in your hands.
Keep your data in your hands.

Get your time (and sanity) back

Data teams are woefully understaffed, and the imbalance between data consumers and data professionals is only getting worse. Create leverage for your teams by automating your data pipelines, taking advantage of data stack you’ve already built, and empowering business teams to self-serve with our no-code audience builder.

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Get your time
(and sanity) back.
Get your time
(and sanity) back.

Sync data to 200+ tools

Facebook Custom Audiences
Retention Science
Salesforce Pardot (Sandbox)
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Amazon Ads DSP (AMC)
Zoho CRM
Facebook Product Catalog
Seamus McKinsey.
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Our Salesforce data pipeline was the bane of our existence. It broke weekly, took 20 hours to complete, and adding a new field took hours because we would have to test it and figure out why it failed. With Hightouch, we can do all of this in seconds.

Seamus McKinsey

Seamus McKinsey

Sr. Analytics Engineer


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