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Identity resolution

Create 360° user profiles directly in your warehouse

Stitch your existing customer data into rich, actionable profiles directly in your data warehouse without writing a single line of code.

Your favorite companies use Hightouch to sync data securely at scale.Our customers
Weight Watchers.

Resolve identities in your warehouse - not in a black box

Traditional Customer Data Platforms perform identity resolution within their own rigid systems. You don’t have control, and you have to store your data with them. Instead, Hightouch unifies customer profiles directly in your data warehouse.

Hightouch unifies and activates customer profiles directly from your data warehouse with identity resolution.
Hightouch unifies and activates customer profiles directly from your data warehouse with identity resolution.

Hightouch is empowering companies to self-serve identity and entity resolution, without writing code. This is a game-changer and puts Hightouch in a league of its own for data management platforms.

Rachel Bradley-Haas.
Big Time Data

Rachel Bradley-Haas
Co-Founder & CEO at Big Time Data

Rachel Bradley-Haas.
Big Time Data

How it works

Click events, transactions, users, and other data stored in a data warehouse.

Identity resolution tailored to your business

You bring the data. We’ll create the unified customer profiles.



Create accurate customer profiles with all your data, no matter where it’s stored. You can even unify profiles for non-person entities, such as stores, stock units, households and more.



Build, test, and tune your own identity resolution rules without touching code. Make changes when you want to, roll them back if you need to.



Stop sending data outside of your infrastructure. Build profiles directly within your data warehouse to ensure compliance for even the most sensitive data sets.

Hightouch is a leading platform in the CDP category on G2

G2 Summer 2023, Leader.
G2 Summer 2023, Easiest To Use.
G2 Summer 2023, Best Relationship.
G2 Enterprise, Summer 2023, High Performer.
G2 Summer 2023, Most Implementable.

"Our Hightouch users are able to build audiences powering emails, texts, in-app messages, and even ad retargeting across Google and Facebook - all without ever having to interact with the data team."

Ben Tenglesen
VP of Data Science, IntelyCare


"Hightouch allows us to target the same people across the whole garden of advertising and push audiences to different channels so we can ensure the same people see the same ads across the Internet."

Max Sutra
Growth and Demand Gen Lead, Gorgias


"I no longer have to wake up on weekends to upload manual CSV files. With Hightouch, we can trust that the same data that lives in our internal reports is the same data that is getting passed to our ad platforms."

Mallory Reese-Bagley
Senior Marketing Operations Manager, Lucid

Sync data to 200+ tools

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