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Built-in observability for every sync

Stay one step ahead of potential issues and have confidence in your data flows with best-in-class observability features and integrations.

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Trusted by teams at


Trusted by teams at

Live Debugger

Find and fix errors fast

Dive deeper into failed runs with full API requests and responses. Filter and search across the entirety of synced rows, without sampling, to quickly identify problematic data. Debugger data is exportable to CSV for adhoc analysis.

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Find and fix errors fast.

Sync logs

Analyze logs from your syncs directly in the warehouse

Write all of the results of your syncs back to your warehouse so you can investigate the status of each sync with the full flexibility of SQL and in the context of all of your customer data. Because we know all of your data belongs together.

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Analyze logs from your syncs directly in the warehouse.

Configurable alerts

Customize how, when, and where you get notified

Get ahead of potential data pipeline issues before your internal customers notice. Define the number of row failures that merit an alerting event, group errors to stave off alert fatigue, and get notified in your channel of choice—whether that’s Slack, email, or PagerDuty.

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Customize how, when, and where you get notified.

Datadog integration

Unify your observability approach

Configure fine-grained alerts based on your customized thresholds, or get proactively notified when anomalous behavior is detected. You can also build custom dashboards in Datadog to better understand sync performance and trends.

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Unify your observability approach.
Erik Edelmann.
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Our team implements Hightouch in some of our most critical workflows, so it’s important for us to be able to make sure our models and syncs are working as expected. We can count on Hightouch Alerts to notify us right away in Slack when something unexpected happens in one of our syncs, and when something does, we can depend on the Live Debugger to help us get to the bottom of the issue quickly and efficiently.

Erik Edelmann

Erik Edelmann

Sr. Analytics Engineering Manager


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