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Drive product led growth

Sync customer data to the tools you depend on to accelerate deals, build better campaigns, and reduce churn risk.

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Trusted by teams at


Trusted by teams at



Target prospects based on how they use your product.



Personalize your messages to how prospects use your product.

Get notified.

Get notified

Get notified when key customers take actions in your product.



Identify when customers use premium features.

#1 Reverse ETL

Start syncing data in minutes

Your data is ready to use in your warehouse or BI tool. Use Hightouch to sync that data to sales and marketing tools without APIs, CSVs, or engineering favors.

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Build a 360˚ customer view

Hyper-personalize customer journeys

Your business teams shouldn’t have to open 10+ tabs to understand the customer journey. Bring the data that matters to the places your team already live - whether that’s a CRM like Salesforce or Hubspot, a CS platform like Gainsight, a feed in Slack, or even Airtable.

Hyper-personalize customer journeys.

Sales teams

Increase revenue with better data

Tap directly into your warehouse to prioritize leads based on all customer data across your touch points - no engineering favors required. Build PQL and MQL models that make sense for your business and sync them to your CRMs.

Increase revenue with better data .

Marketing teams

Reach the right users at the right time

Run personalized, multi-channel campaigns using rich customer data from your CRM and product database. Use BI tools like Looker or jump straight to Hightouch Audiences to visually select the data that powers your campaigns.

Reach the right users at the right time.
William Tsu.
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The value isn’t one individual connector... it’s blending disparate data and pushing it [back] out so everyone’s looking at the same metrics.”

William Tsu

William Tsu

Customer Success Operations


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