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Leverage native integrations with every layer of the modern data stack, from data transformation to orchestration and observability. Extend your workflows with any of your existing tools.

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It’s your data stack.
Put it to work.

Building models should be the hardest part of your job. Full stop. Take advantage of them and other engineering best practices. We plug right in and you maintain full control.

Data models.

Data models

Sync your existing transformed models to your business tools

Version control.

Version control

Maintain control of your syncs with bi-directional Git Sync



Ensure the freshest data is flowing into your SaaS tools



Get alerted and analyze trends in your favorite observability platform

dbt Cloud and Looker Integrations

Activate existing dbt and Looker models

You’ve done the hard work of building your models. Now activate them. Use our native dbt Cloud and Looker integrations and schedule syncs to fire immediately after jobs run so the freshest data is constantly flowing into your business tools.

Read about our dbt integrations
Activate existing dbt and Looker models.

Version control

Apply engineering best practices

Bi-directionally sync all version changes with Git, with the peace of mind to easily rollback any unwanted changes. You can even update your models and syncs straight from the command line, if that’s your thing.

Check out Git Sync
Apply engineering best practices.


Synchronize your entire data workflow

Boost productivity and deliver highly maintainable and observable data flows with our Airflow and Dagster integrations. You can also schedule syncs via API call or sequence them directly in the Hightouch app.

Read our guide to the modern data stack
Synchronize your entire data workflow.


Stay one step ahead of potential issues

Take advantaage of our integrations with observability platforms like Datadog and Datafold to build confidence in your data pipelines. Get deep visibility into errors with all the breadcrumbs you need to debug.

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Stay one step ahead of potential issues.

Developer features like a Git integration, dbt Cloud integration, a live debugger, and a large catalog of integrations were key factors in our decision to adopt Hightouch.

Seamus McKinsey

Sr. Analytics Engineer at CircleCI

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