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Data activation
 for everyone

Go beyond your dashboards: activate your Sigma Workbooks in any business tool.

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Trusted by leading companies to sync data securely at scale


You've invested in your dashboards.
Take action on them with Hightouch.

Data moving through a datawarehouse and Hightouch into various marketing tools and campaigns.
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Bridge the gap between insights and action.

Sales & GTM Teams.

Sales & GTM Teams

Sync sales territory planning to Salesforce

Finance Teams.

Finance Teams

Drive decisions with the most up-to-date forecast

Marketing Teams.

Marketing Teams

Personalize experiences with customer data points like LTV

Single source of truth

Write once, use anywhere

With Hightouch, you can leverage your existing business logic in Sigma and ensure the tools used across your organization have access to the same data, unlocking the true value of your cloud data warehouse.

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Write once, use anywhere.

Data activation

Take action on your insights

Activate the insights from your Sigma Workbooks in any of your sales, operations, finance, or marketing tools, so you can make decisions and take action on consistent, up-to-date data every time.

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Take action on your insights.

Accessible to business teams

Streamline your workflows

Select any element in a Sigma Workbook and seamlessly sync that data directly to the tools your business teams rely on every day to power their workflows. All without needing to know SQL.

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Streamline your workflows.

Sigma empowers data and business teams to maximize their data warehouse by providing fast, scalable, and secure exploratory analysis in a spreadsheet user interface. Together with Hightouch, we're building efficiency across the organization from data insights to business outcomes.

Justin Thomas

VP of Partnerships at Sigma

Activate your data in less than 5 minutes