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Put your dbt models in motion

Data and analytics engineers trust Hightouch to active their dbt models into 125+ business apps.

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Activate your transformed data with Hightouch + dbt Labs

Build your model once, run it anywhere

Building models should be the hardest part of your job. Make sure they get actioned by syncing transformed data into 125+ downstream business tools. Rest assured that any changes you make to your models are automatically reflected in your Hightouch syncs. You can also define and govern your Hightouch models straight from your dbt repo.

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Build your model once, run it anywhere.

Sync data as soon as it’s available

Automate your workflows and trigger your Hightouch syncs and sync sequences to run immediately after your dbt Cloud jobs complete. That’s one less thing for your data teams to manage and ensures downstream teams are making decisions based on the freshest data.

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Sync data as soon as it’s available.

Get detailed lineage and peace of mind

Dependencies abound in the modern data stack. With dbt CI checks and our native dbt Exposures integration, you get the visibility and guardrails needed to ensure that the changes you’re making to your dbt models don’t break your downstream syncs.

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Get detailed lineage and peace of mind.
Schylar Brock.
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Thanks to Hightouch’s Git Sync, dbt Exposures, and dbt CI checks features, we’re able to avoid sync outages by knowing exactly what will happen to our models and syncs before we make changes to the upstream entities and systems they depend on.

Schylar Brock

Schylar Brock

Senior Analytics Engineering Lead


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 Kevin Chao

Ramp automates 25% sales pipeline through personalized customer outreach with Hightouch and dbt

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Weston Rowley

Lucid activates purpose-built dbt models to marketing and ad teams and increases ROAS by 52%

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Seamus McKinsey

CircleCI activates dbt product-usage data models for better churn prediction and pursing targeted PQLs

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