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Sync data from Google BigQuery to Iterable

Connect your data from Google BigQuery to Iterable with Hightouch. No APIs, no months-long implementations, and no CSV files. Just your data synced forever.

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Your favorite companies use Hightouch to sync data securely at scale.Our customers

Weight Watchers.
Weight Watchers.

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Use cases

Sync data from Google BigQuery to Iterable

  • Sync data about users and accounts into Iterable to build hyper-personalized campaigns
  • Automatically update your Iterable segments with fresh data from your warehouse
  • Deliver better experiences by bringing in data from other customer touchpoints into Iterable
  • Monitor campaign revenue from purchases or cart-additions
Hightouch Audiences user interface.

What Iterable objects can you sync to?

  • Users

    Every email address you have in Iterable is a user or subscriber/contact. You can use Hightouch to update user information or delete, forget, or unforget users.

    Hightouch docsIterable APIIterable User Profile Overview
  • Events

    An event is an action a user takes on your website or app. They are specific to your business. Use Hightouch to send shopping cart, purchase, or custom events to Iterable.

  • Catalogs

    When sending messages to your users, it's almost always necessary to include information about your organization's products, places, events, or services. Use Hightouch to send this information directly to Iterable.

  • Segments

    Iterable's segmentation tool allows you to segment across all of your subscribers and to make static or dynamic lists. Use Hightouch to add users to lists to create highly targeted customer segments, so you can deliver the most relevant marketing messages.

What methods can I use to model my Google BigQuery data?

  • dbt model selector

    Semi-opaque, open dropdown with three example dbt model names such as ''.

    Sync directly with your dbt models saved in a git repository.

  • Looker

    Semi-opaque open dropdown with three example Look names such as 'Look 1'.

    Query using Looks. Hightouch turns your look into SQL and will pull from your source.

  • SQL editor

    SQL editor.

    Create and Edit SQL from your browser. Hightouch supports SQL native to Google BigQuery.

  • Sigma model

    Semi-opaque open dropdown with three example workbook names such as 'Workbook 1'.

    Hightouch converts your Sigma workbook element into a SQL query that runs directly on Google BigQuery.

  • Table selector

    Semi-opaque open dropdown with three example table names such as ''.

    Select available tables and sheets from Google BigQuery and sync using existing views without having to write SQL.

  • Customer Studio

    Visual query builder reading 'All rows that...' with a button labeled 'select a property'.

    For less technical users, pass traits and audiences from Google BigQuery using our visual segmentation builder.


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