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What’s New at Hightouch (May 2022)

It's time to catch up on everything you missed in May. Check out all of the new integrations, features, and improvements we rolled out in May.

Luke Kline.

Luke Kline

May 31, 2022

4 minutes

What’s New at Hightouch (May 2022).

Summer is here and with it, we’ve rolled out a ton of new destinations, features, and platform improvements as we continue on our mission of making Hightouch the most flexible and reliable data activation platform available.


In May we rolled out 10 new destinations…

Integrations (May 2022)

  • Firestore: Power your app’s real-time experiences by syncing data from your warehouse or any other source. Hightouch supports Firestore collections and nested objects so you can power your app’s real-time experiences with data from the warehouse.
  • Vitally: Empower your business teams to segment customers, create indicators/tasks, and build exceptional customer experiences by syncing customer and event data directly from your data warehouse to Vitally.
  • CleverTap: Ensure your user profiles are always in sync with the data in your warehouse and drive even more customer engagement.
  • Delighted: Access all of your unique data models and sync key third-party and event data directly to Delighted. Do more complex segmentation, update your customer attributes, and create/automate more personalized customer surveys using the data in your warehouse.
  • Zapier: Connect to 4000+ apps via our latest Zapier integration. Take advantage of the existing data models in your warehouse and trigger your Zaps every time a row in your model is added, changed, or removed.
  • Shopify: Insert/update Shopify customers, discount codes, and products with data directly from your warehouse.
  • Clickup: Create and update tasks automatically and sync data directly from your warehouse to Clickup to ensure your team members always have current the latest context.
  • Courier: Power your notifications using the data within your warehouse. Stop uploading manual CSV files and ensure your data profiles and lists are up to date when sending notifications to your various channels.
  • Gong: Give your sales team access to even more robust customer data. Sync customer data directly from your warehouse to Gong and take advantage of your existing data models.
  • Chargebee: Enrich your subscription data with customer data from your warehouse. Use Hightouch to keep your customer’s billing addresses in sync with the addresses in your data warehouse.

New Features

This month we’ve added several new features…

  • Table Sorting: With our new table sorting feature you can click on any header in Hightouch and easily sort your tables.
    Table Sorting
  • Multi-Value Support for Audiences: Rather than adding numerous OR conditions when filtering properties in Hightouch Audiences, you can now specify multiple values for the EQUALS and DOES NOT EQUAL operators in the same condition.
    Multi-Value Audiences
  • Sample Data Sources: With sample data sources you can access data sets curated by our exports to simulate real business scenarios.
    Sample Data Sources


We’re constantly trying to improve our existing destinations and features. We made several improvements to our Stripe and Hubspot destinations. We also revamped our audience builder.

  • REST API: If you’re tired of using the Hightouch UI, we shipped a new REST API that enables you to list and inspect sources, destinations, models, and syncs. With the release of our new CLI, you can interact with Hightouch resources in command-line tools.
  • Stripe: We’ve updated our Stripe destination to support even more objects like products, prices, subscriptions, and invoices. We also added support for advanced mapping so you can take advantage of static values, variable values, column values, and templates.
    Stripe Objects
  • Hubspot: We now support Hubspot Lists. Build custom audiences and sync customers, users, and prospects to your favorite lists to power your Go-to-Market teams with fresh data directly from your warehouse. We also added support for advanced mapping.
    hubspot lists.png
  • Revamped Audience Builder: We updated the UI in our audience builder to make filtering even easier for you.
    Revamped Audience Builder

In Case You Missed it...

Our blog features our latest thoughts in data engineering and data activation. Here are a few notable mentions from May.

What’s Coming Up?

The countdown to Snowflake Summit is on! We’re so excited to be there and hope to see you at our booth from June 13-16.

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